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“Capernaum”: Director Nadine on Labaki Lebanon’s Official Submission for a Foreign-Language Oscar


By Laura Blum The Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki lives in Beirut, a quick drive yet a world away from Naba’a, the  suburban slum where much of her astonishing new film Capernaum unfolds. One in every three of her compatriots lives in poverty, per the UNDP, and it’s t ...

  • 5.45 years ago - By Laura Blum

Production Design on “Isle of Dogs”: A Chat with the Fantastic Mr. Paul Harrod


By Laura Blum Paul Harrod says one of his favorite sculptors is August Rodin. It’s not a name you’d imagine getting love from the Portland co-production designer of Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animation Isle of Dogs. But considering that the visuals of this phantasmagoria jointly s ...

  • 6.17 years ago - By Laura Blum

Production Designer James Merifield Retraces Giacometti Biopic “Final Portrait”


By Laura Blum Final Portrait is an artist’s studio tour and you’re on the invite list. The artist is Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman and printmaker Alberto Giacometti, and the studio, as writer Jean Genet put it, is “a milky swamp, a seething dump, a genuine ditch.” Pla ...

  • 6.19 years ago - By Laura Blum

Production Designer Hannah Beachler Relives “Black Panther”


By Laura Blum Been to Wakanda? Hannah Beachler has, and her production design for the fictional country at the heart of Black Panther proves that vibranium exists. How else to explain such a radiant spectacle if not daily doses of the African El Dorado’s magic metal? The Marvel Studios actio ...

  • 6.25 years ago - By Laura Blum

Director Sebastián Lelio Reflects on “A Fantastic Woman”


By Laura Blum Forget “character is destiny.” A Fantastic Woman goes one better: character as aesthetic destiny. With a trans actress playing a trans woman, the challenge for filmmaker Sebastián Lelio was to unfold “a being in flux” in both form and content. His soluti ...

  • 6.32 years ago - By Laura Blum

Director Nora Twomey Shines Light on “The Breadwinner”


By Laura Blum A scrolling band of carnelian clouds circling clockwise, a boy in an Afghani folk costume swirling within, a radiant beam at the center: The opening frames of Nora Twomey’s animated film The Breadwinner tell a tale of light and shadow, conjuring dream imagery of the pyche&r ...

  • 6.5 years ago - By Laura Blum

NAB Show New York 2017: A Quick and Dirty Overview


By Laura Blum Everything’s relative. That’s how a humongous affair such as the NAB Show New York can come off like an intimate dinner party. It’s practically a pop-up compared with the National Association of Broadcasters’ older expo for media, entertainment and telecom prof ...

  • 6.61 years ago - By Laura Blum

Cinematographer Rachel Morrison Clarifies “Mudbound”-Spotlight on the 55th New York Film Festival


By Laura Blum “I dreamed in brown,” says Laura McAllan (Carey Mulligan) of the grime that permeates rural life in Mudbound. Her lament gave cinematographer Rachel Morrison a departure point for evoking Dee Rees’ WWII-era drama set in the Mississippi Delta. Much of what we see in t ...

  • 6.61 years ago - By Laura Blum

Cinematographer Sam Levy Talks “Lady Bird”- Spotlight on the 55th New York Film Festival


By Laura Blum Back in 2016, cinematographer Sam Levy and actor-turned-director Greta Gerwig were envisioning the look of Lady Bird, a seriocomic coming-of-ager set in Sacramento during 2002 and 2003. “She wanted it to look like a memory,” Levy tells in a recent phone chat. &ld ...

  • 6.63 years ago - By Laura Blum